Investing in Gold - Information

Gold Investment

The use of gold as a method of payment in commerce and a sign of wealth demonstration began in ancient times. Gold does not oxidize, does not burn, and never loses its value

Due to the scarcity of metal and the difficulty in mining and producing it, gold is considered the precious metal that leads to investment. Gold is perceived as a solid asset against political instability, as a hedge against inflation scenarios. In the global financial system, savings in gold and precious metals represent a sign of financial stability and liquidity. Today it is recommended to include gold in any solid investment portfolio.

Means of buying gold

The public is able to purchase gold in a number of ways

  • Physical purchase of gold coins

    Coins for collectors, or bulion coins for investment. These are usually issued in pure metals by central banks in leading economies as a designated currency for investment purposes.

  • Physical purchase of gold bullion and gold bars

    ׁThese, are mostly produced by the central banks or precious metal refineries, which are subject to regulatory regulations, binding standards and regulation of the most stringent in the world.

  • Purchase of gold jewelry

    A method accepted in parts of the world as a wedding dowry and custody of family fortune.

  • Purchase of securities linked to the price of the precious metal

    It is important to ensure that the issuer of the securities is backed at all times by physical metal as a liability.

Gold and silver prices in the world

Gold and precious metals are traded on the world's leading stock exchanges around the clock. The price is updated at any moment and is called Spot Price

As in continuous trading in the dollar, precious metals are determined by purchase price and selling price. Pure gold, pure silver and other precious metals are traded in US dollars. The weight unit is in Troy ounce, which 1 Troy ounce is equal to 31.1035 grams

The price of gold is set twice a day by the London-based Bullion Traders Association - London Bullion Marketing Association (LBMA) At 10:00 am and 15:00 pm London time, as the price of a representative dollar represents an agreed upon basis for transactions between buyers and sellers.

Why invest in gold?

Many experts believe that "investing in gold is one of the existing solid investment avenues"

Gold is considered a real asset that serves as an anchor. Physical gold maintenance provides security for individuals, companies and countries. Gold is an insurance and financial security certificate against various financial risks, inflation, instability in the stock market, uncertainty in the global economy, security deterioration and political confrontations. The gold is very fluid. Due to the size of the market, it is always possible to sell and execute the investment.

Tips for the novice investor

  1. Start small - it is recommended that the investor begin not to invest over 15% of the investment portfolio, precious metals. It is recommended to start buying coins and bars of low weight, to study the market and to purchase security. When purchasing physical gold, it is recommended to purchase gold coins or bullion bars produced by central banks or by known and reliable Mints that meets the international quality and reliability standard "GOOD DELIVERY".
  2. It is very important to purchase gold and precious metals only from a reliable and recognized factor. Never buy bargains (expensive metal sold below the market price - it is usually a fake of one level or another). It is recommended to make sure that the seller will buy back the gold bars and precious metals on the day that you wish to execute the investment.
  3. Storage - It is important to ensure safe storage of gold and precious metals in a standard safe.
  4. Insurance - security and insurance are mandatory for investments in general and precious metals in particular
  5. The size (weight) does matter - the sophisticated investor knows that with an investment in precious metals, the higher the weight of the bar is- the lower the premium* is.
  • Premium - additional cost over the price of the precious metal, which expresses the cost of producing the product

Israeli society - 60 years of reputation

The Israel Coins & Medals Corporation was established in 1958 by the first Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, as a government company

In 2008, the Company was privatized ( and became a part of the G.R.A.S. Group) with a commitment to the Government of Israel to preserve its operations. The company's products are made of gold, silver and precious metals for investment, collectibles and luxury gifts.

Commemorative coins and special coins in gold, silver and platinum, marketed by the company are purchased from the Bank of Israel. By law, the Bank of Israel is solely authorized to issue a "legal tender" currency in Israel. State medals and special medals made of gold, silver and other precious metals, are being minted in the Holy Land mint or purchased from reliable Mints.

Since the year 2018 the company's gold and silver bars meet the international standard of "GOOD DELIVERY" and are an investment product for all intents and purposes.

"The Holy Land Mint" - the company's registered trademark imprinted on all gold and silver bars for investment and the "good delivery" guarantee, ensures a reliable, safe and competitive price product.

In addition, the company also operates in the secondary market (the common name for trade among collectors). The company provides the public in Israel and the world with a unique website in several languages, including full and detailed information on all the issues that have been carried out in Israel since the establishment of the State, including detailed technical information regarding quantities, weight and purity of the metal.

It is easy and safe to invest in precious metals in Israel

Israeli society has 60 years of excellence
  • A variety of inventory
  • available in Israel
  • for a large investor or for a small investor
  • on-site service 24/7

Pure Gold Ingots 9999 (from 1 gram to 1 kg)

The number 9999 (which sometimes appears as 999.9) indicates that the purity of gold in metal is 99.99%. The differences in prices of gold products, at different levels of purity, are derived from the cost of the processes required to produce gold at a highest level of purity.

As of 2018, gold bullion bearing the registered mark of the Holy Land Mint is sold worldwide. The highest quality bars meet the international standard "GOOD DELIVERY".

Israeli coins in gold and silver issued by the Bank of Israel

Legal tender coins from 1958 to the present, numismatic gold and silver coins (collectors), which were produced in limited quantities and valued collectors.

Gold Bullion Coins Legal tender issued by the Bank of Israel

Gold numismatic bullion coins, 20 NIS, issued by the Bank of Israel, in small quantity and prooflike quality. As part of the prestigious series "Jerusalem of Gold".

Pure gold and pure silver series

Luxury series issued by the company, on the subjects of the Land of Israel, Jerusalem, sites and places sacred by embossing relief, in limited quantities.

State medals - gold, silver, platinum

Collectibles, investment, luxury gifts. Quality product line in analytical imprinting and quality proof.

Silver bars and rounds

With pure silver, with quality stamping. A product favored by investors because of the (relatively) favorable price of silver metal compared to the price of gold metal.

The whole world in the palm of your hand
Bolion coins and gold bars from the world

Due to its reputation and close business ties with most of the world's most important manufacturers, the company offers its customers the opportunity to purchase and invest in most of the world's leading bullion and bullion coins.

Security and insurance

Precious metals and valuables, important and worth preserving and ensure. Self-care on the subject is not simple, it’s expensive and dangerous

The company offers excellent solutions for saving gold and precious metals, including jewelry, in the Brinks safe vaults 24 hours a day, all year round. The company can purchase physical gold and precious metals from around the world and store them in the world's leading Brinks vaults.

Do you have gold for sale? We buy gold and precious metals!

The company buys gold, bullion, medals, coins, jewelry and precious metal products, according to the international gold price

The Israel Coins and Medals Corporation Ltd. acts as part of the "responsible policy" for precious metals as required by the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance and the OECD's due diligence guidelines for a responsible supply chain of minerals, and buys gold from both private and merchant customers. If you have expensive gold and / or metal items you wish to sell, please contact us using the attached form.