Accessibility of Customers in Stores and On Line

The ISRAEL COINS & MEDALS CORPORATION (ICMC) , of the G.R.A.S. GROUP, maintains a number of its chain stores in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beersheba and Nesher.
Ms. Tovi Rotem has been appointed as Coordinator of Accessibility for the ICMC & G.R.A.S. and has undergone training and been approved by the Israel Accessibility Organization for that purpose.
Ms. Rotem may be contacted directly: On line at [email protected]
By phone at (972) 076-8889300 (during office hours 0800-1600)
By fax at (972) 04-8313730, By mail at G.R.A.S. Design Combinations, Ltd, 50 Bar Yehuda Rd., Nesher 3666017

Furthermore, all store employees have undergone training in accessibility, with emphasis on aid and facilities which have been installed in the stores for customers with handicaps or disabilities. Store employees' training includes how to identify special needs and to provide the necessary assistance and accessibility. Each store also has been provided with a booklet describing and explaining various disabilities and handicaps and the aids and assistance/accessibility provided to such customers, in accordance with the specific physical needs and requirements of the customer in question.

Customers with hearing disabilities have store access to amplified hearing devices (Loop Hear 155), which include ear phones and microphones, to be used by customer and store employee. These devices, in order to be functional, must be used with hearing aids in the "T" position. In addition, in each store, prominently visible and displayed, there is a sign indicating that assistance in hearing accessibility is provided with a hearing device and that the wearer's hearing aid should be in the "T" position. Store employees have undergone special training in the use of these hearing devices.

This information is located both in the stores and online at the company site,