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State Medal 1996/5756

The "Tribe of Asher" medal is the eleventh in the series depicting the Twelve Tribes, created by Salvador Dali in honor of Israel's 25th anniversary. The establishment of the Jewish State and revival of the people after 2000 years of exile, inspired Dali to create a number of works connected with Judaism and Zionism.

The Tribe of Asher is portrayed in Dali's painting as an olive tree with deep roots and branches that reach the blue heavens above. The Tribe of Asher dwelled in the north-western area of Israel in one of the most fertile regions in the Land. This, together with Asher's hard work, enabled prosperous yields and production of best quality olive oil.

Obverse: "The Tribe of Asher" – colorful silk print depicting a broad-branched, deeply-rooted tree reaching from the ground to the heavens. The name "ASHER" in Hebrew and English and the artist's signature in English, below the print.
Reverse: Dali's creation "Dancing the Horah around the Menorah", from his "Aliyah" series and, underneath, the name of the artist in Hebrew.
Edge: The Israel State Emblem, and in Hebrew and English: the words "STATE OF ISRAEL", "BRONZE" on the Bronze Medal, "SILVER 999" on the Silver Medal, "GOLD 750" on the Gold Medal, and serial number.
Designer: Original creation: Salvador Dali
Graphic Design: Ronit Berson
Silk Print: Reshet Meshi
Sculpture on the Reverse: Mark Salman
Engraving: Tidhar Dagan
Mint: Gold – The Government Mint. Silver and Bronze – Hecht Products, Tel Aviv

Issue Name: Tribe of Judah

Series Name: Twelve Tribes

Catalog SKU Condition Diameter Issue Price Issuing Year Material Quantity Weight
25237606 60X48 mm 119 Dollars 1994 Silver 999 1,250 105 g
35237454 45X36 mm 726 Dollars 1994 gold 650 41.46 g
35267459 45 X 36MM x 1996 GOLD 750 426  41.5g