Mountains of Jerusalem

Gold 9999, 32 mm, 1 oz

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Issuing Year 2019
Material Gold
Fineness 9999
Weight 1 oz.
Diameter 32 mm
Max Mintage 3600
Design Aharon Shevo, Yaacov Enyedi

Fifth in the "Views of Jerusalem" Bullion Series

"As the mountains are round about Jerusalem…" said King David in Psalms 125:2, signifying that Jerusalem is protected by mountains.

While most of the major cities of the world are located close to the sea, rivers or ports, Jerusalem is far from any port. The Holy City can only be reached by making one's way up stony mountains. Symbolically, however, unlike any other city, the ascent to Jerusalem is a spiritual elevation.
Views of five of the mountains surrounding Jerusalem are artistically represented in gold and silver by Aharon Shevo.
Mount Moriah is the Temple Mount, site of the first Temple built by King Solomon and later, the Second Temple. The Western Wall, the last remnant of the Temple is the holiest place in Judaism. The Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque on the mountain are holy sites for Islam.
The Mount of Olives is so called because of the olives which once covered it. A Jewish cemetery since biblical times, the Mount of Olives is where the Resurrection of the Dead in Messianic times will take place, according to Jewish tradition. Christian holy sites on the mountain are the Garden of Gethsamane and several churches.
Mount Herzl serves as the national cemetery of the State of Israel. The chief military cemetery of Israel and graves of the nation's leaders are located here.
Mount Zion is the burial place of King David. In Christian tradition, here was the Room of the Last Supper.
Mount Scopus, the highest point in northern Jerusalem, is where the Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital are located.

Obverse: Inscription in the center, "Mountains of Jerusalem" in Hebrew and English,
five of the mountains surrounding Jerusalem and their most prominent sites.
Common Reverse: Lion of Jerusalem and prominent buildings of Jerusalem, within the outline of a coat of arms, the Holy Land Mint trademark.
Inscriptions:  1oz. Fine Gold .9999 on the gold, 1oz. Fine Silver .999 on the silver, in English, "Jerusalem of Gold" in English and Hebrew and the mint year on the gold.

Face Design: Aharon Shevo
Common Reverse Design: Yaacov Enyedi

Minting: The Holy Land Mint

Issue Name: Mountains of Jerusalem

Series Name: Views of Jerusalem

Catalog SKU Condition Diameter Issuing Year Material Name Quantity Weight
23103380 38.7 mm 2019 Silver 999 Mountains of Jerusalem 3,600 1 oz.
33103320 32 mm 2019 Gold 9999 Mountains of Jerusalem 3600 1 oz.