Lion's Gate

Gold 9999, 32 mm, 1 oz

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Issuing Year 2018
Material Gold
Fineness 9999
Weight 1 oz.
Diameter 32 mm
Max Mintage 1800

Second in the "Gates of Jerusalem" Series

Lions Gate, one of the eight gates in the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, is situated in the eastern wall, close to the Moslem Quarter, facing the Mount of Olives. Also in the Eastern Wall is the Golden Gate which remains closed. "Lions Gate" is so called because of the two sculpted lions that decorate either side of the gateway. It is said that at the time of Ottoman rule in the Land of Israel, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent requested that the lions be sculpted, following his dream in which he was warned that if he did not defend Jerusalem by building a wall around the city, he would be devoured by lions. He built the Lions Gate in 1538-1539.

Among other names, Lions Gate is also known as "Jehoshaphat Gate", as it faces the Valley of Jehoshaphat, the Kidron Valley.

The Paratroop Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces entered the Old City of Jerusalem through Lions Gate, when they liberated the Western Wall in the Six Day War.

Obverse: Lions Gate, inscription in English and Hebrew, "Lions Gate", on the gold version "1oz. fine gold.9999, on the silver "1oz. fine silver.999, and the mint year.
Common Reverse of the Series: Stylized map of the Gates in the Wall around the Old City of Jerusalem. border inscription in English and Hebrew, "Gates of Jerusalem" and, below, The Holy Land Mint logo.

Design: Zvika Roitman

Mint: The Holy Land Mint


Issue Name: Lion's Gate

Series Name: Gates of Jerusalem

Catalog SKU Condition Diameter Issue Price Issuing Year Material Quantity Weight
33041320 32 mm Unavailable Info 2018 Gold 9999 1800 1 oz.
23041380 38.7 mm Unavailable Info 2018 Silver 999 1800 1 oz.