Walls of Jerusalem

Silver 999, 38.7 mm, 1 oz

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Issuing Year 2018
Material Silver
Fineness 999
Weight 1 oz.
Diameter 38.7 mm
Max Mintage 3600
Design Aharon Shevo, Yaacov Enyedi

Walls of Jerusalem
Third in the "Views of Jerusalem" Series

Throughout history, Jerusalem has been enclosed by a wall for defense.
The Walls of Jerusalem that exist today were built between 1537-1541, by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent , during Ottoman rule, where the walls of the city stood in the Second Temple period. The walls measure about 4km in length, their average height is about 10m and thickness, about 2.5m. Along the walls are 34 watch towers and 8 gates. 7 of the 8 gates are open and serve as passageways into and out of the Old City – Lions Gate, Dung Gate, Zion Gate, Jaffa Gate, Damascus Gate, New Gate and Herod's Gate. The eight gate – Golden Gate – is blocked and, according to Jewish tradition, will open miraculously when the Messiah comes and the dead are resurrected.

Crowning the beauty of the unique holy city, the walls built by the Sultan were probably more for the purpose of embellishing it, rather than for defending it. The walls and gateways are decorated with floral and other artistic shapes which are carved into the stone.

Today, the Walls of Jerusalem have become an icon of the holy city, an attraction for tourists from all over Israel and the world. A walk along the walls is a special experience that provides beautiful views of Jerusalem.

Obverse: Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem encompass the bullion, in the center, inscription in English and Hebrew "Walls of Jerusalem".
Common Reverse of the Series:Lion of Jerusalem and prominent buildings of Jerusalem, within the outline of a coat of arms, the Holy Land Mint trademark.
Inscriptions: 1oz. Fine Gold .9999 on the gold, 1oz. Fine Silver .999 on the silver, in English, "Jerusalem of Gold" in English and Hebrew and the mint year on the gold.

Face Design: Aharon Shevo
Common Reverse Design: Yaacov Enyedi

Minting: The Holy Land Mint

Issue Name: Walls of Jerusalem

Series Name: Views of Jerusalem

Catalog SKU Condition Diameter Issue Price Issuing Year Material Quantity Weight
33042320 32 mm Unavailable Info 2018 Gold 9999 3600 1 oz.
22042380 38.7 mm Unavailable Info 2018 Silver 999 3600 1 oz.