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Red Sea
Ten Commandments
Medals Set
Holy Land Mint - The Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments Set

Over 3,300 years ago, after the Exodus from Egypt and Parting of the Red Sea, Moses received the Ten Commandments from G-d on Mount Sinai.

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The Ten Commandments
Scenes From the Bible
Medals Set
עשרת הדיברות

Scenes from the Bible Set

The Bible is a source of inspiration and each Biblical narrative has its own lesson for life, a message for humanity which is conveyed from generation to generation.

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Scenes from the Bible
Via Dolorosa
Medals Set
Holy Land Mint - Via Dolorosa

Via Dolorosa Set

The VIA DOLOROSA (or Way of Suffering in Latin) is an actual, historical street within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and is universally believed to be the actual path upon which Jesus walked, from his trial to his crucifixion.

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Holy Land Mint - Via Dolorosa